Born in Liaoning Province, Northern China in 1958, Yin Yong Chun has dedicated his life to his passion for painting. He honed his craft as a member in the China Artists Association from 1979 to 1983. After completing his undergraduate studies in Oil Painting from Harbin Normal University, from 1989 to 1990, Yin Yong Chun pursued his love of painting as a postgraduate at Lu Xun Art Institute. Now based in New York City, Yin embraces a life as a freelance, professional painter.

Yin Yong Chun's paintings have earned critical acclaim and praise throughout his career. Collectors and contemporary painters alike have purchased and admired his works, and demand for his paintings continues unabated, as requests for portrait and compositional works increase every year.

Yin Yong Chun's work is distinguished by its refined form and delicate detail, drawing on Eastern imagery and the realsim of the many European works which he studies so intensely. Using classical, Western techniques along with Asian compositional inspiration, he channels and expresses great emotional depth through static objects with timeless and inherent aesthetic emotions.