Tsultrim Tenzin was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, where his family settled after fleeing Tibet. The traditional Tibetan culture, with its emphasis on family, compassion and religion was always at the forefront of his upbringing.

Upon moving to New York City with his family in 2000, Tenzin found himself thrown into another world with vastly different colors. A long way from being chased by monkeys for his biscuits, he and his friends were chasing each other through this new concrete jungle.

Though always surrounded by art in the form of traditional Thangka paintings, it was through digital art that his interest was sparked to pursue a path in the arts. After tireless self-teaching through books and online resources, Tenzin found himself desiring a deeper mastery of the fundamentals of drawing and painting. It was this desire that led him to the Grand Central Atelier, a renowned art academy known for its rigor and focus on the tradition of drawing and painting the figure from life. After discovering the magic of this slow and meticulous craft, he never looked back to the digital world.

Tsultrim Tenzin's painting has evolved to a place that harmonizes his unique past and present: the traditions of his Tibetan roots as well as the traditions of European masters such as Velazquez, Goya and Rembrandt that so inspire him. His work is a kind of meditation, exploring the themes of his heritage with all its intricacy and color while placing them firmly in the modern-day.

Tsultrim Tenzin currently resides and maintains a studio in Queens, New York. His paintings are distinguished for their classical beauty and sensitivity.