David Mueller was born in the Chicago suburb, Blue Island, on September 23, 1963, the second son of a cartoonist. The birth announcements were copies of an original pen and ink drawing by his father, Robert G. Mueller. The art depicted a stork in a space suit in outer space delivering the newborn with a caption reading, "The Muellers finally got one from The Twilight Zone". Thus, the extraordinarily talented and sensitive young Mueller was introduced into the world. Although he did not formally recognize his own talent until his high school years, the influence of his artist father upon the young man was profound. He would later say "While I did not realize the significance of it early on, through my life I saw my father's gifts...touch people. Many times he put a smile on a face or added warmth to a heart...I learned that these are the true gifts of artistic expression".

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, David Mueller currently resides in Northern Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. He is a 1987 graduate of The American Academy of Art in Chicago, whose fine art program has a strong focus on traditional realism.
Mueller says of his art that he strives "to create painterly renderings that capture the essence of simple, yet profound, aesthetics. The current form of my work is primarily figurative genre paintings (depicting everyday life), many including some kind of decorative element. My aim is to create 'timeless' images. I also love to plein air paint to try to capture the essence of natural landscape."

In March of 1993, David Mueller's work appeared on the cover The Artist's Magazine and in the feature article therein on his painting technique. Another article for the magazine was published in the July 2004 issue. His work has been the subject of many regional publications.

David Mueller is an active member of The Cincinnati Art Club, which was founded in 1890 in Mount Adams by such outstanding painters as Frank Duveneck, Henry Farney and Edward Potthast. Created in the heady days of the glorious age of 19th century American painting, The Cincinnati Art Club is the second oldest continuously operating art club in the country. Mueller has been featured at the club as an invited guest speaker and has conducted painting demonstrations there and at many other regional organizations. Additionally, he has taught oil painting and drawing in his studio as well as in workshops in the Cincinnati and Michigan areas.

Over the past ten years, David Mueller has completed a number of commissioned works for private collectors. Subsequently he curtailed the commission work to provide himself with the opportunity to produce studio and plein air works of his own choosing. His passion for plein air painting has taken him on travels through Quebec, Florence, Venice, and Amalfi, Italy, London, Monhegan Island, ME, Gloucester, MA, Northern Michigan and Kentucky Whether actually painting on these trips or travelling and note-taking, Mueller is continually inspired in interesting and novel directions by his observations.

Since 1989, Mueller has completed commissions for many private and corporate collectors, including gubernatorial portraits that hang in the Ohio State Capitol. With collectors across the nation and Canada, Mueller has shown his work at a number of exhibitions over the past ten years in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Greater Cincinnati and Columbus, OH, Land and Midland, MI, Birmingham, AL and Miami, FL.

David Mueller's work is distinguished by its exquisite handling of paint, superb draughtsmanship and extraordinary sensitivity and mood, with a respectful nod to the painting masters of a century ago in whose footsteps he so capably follows. The influence of another artist, his father, is never far away. "I have grown to appreciate and understand the importance of my dad's abilities and the parts of them that he has passed on to me. The contributions people like him make to our world justify the profound loss we feel when they leave us, and help us to understand the importance of carrying on in the same manner with the gifts bestowed upon us."

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