William D. Hobbs has an enduring fasincation with the beauty of the natural world, which began is his early childhood observing streams, surf and the patterns of trees. Whether it is in the luminescent green light filtering through a wave, the majestic power of water crashing and splashing or the rolling pattern of ocean waves, Hobbs' paintings explore the wonder of nature.

Nineteenth century America saw the development of a great landscape and seascape tradition. Spreading out from the Catskill region of New York, this artistic style of realism became what is known as the Hudson River School. It is upon this foundation that Hobbs has built his painting style. As both a trained biologist and outdoor enthusiast, his art is the product of many hours observing the world around him. Sketching and painting is a way to explore the intricacies of nature, from rolling ocean waves to flowing forest streams and waterfalls.

William Hobbs completed his undergraduate degree in biology, followed by graduate studies in aquatic biology and a masters in behavioral ecology. In addition to painting, he currently teaches human anatomy and physiology as well as AP biology to upper level high school students.

Hobbs has been painting extensively since childhood, though his art training has always been informal. After experimenting with various media, he decided that oil painting was the most effective means of capturing the facets of nature that intrigue him. He is rarely without a sketchpad and can sometimes be found drawing on the edge of a cliff or on the beach at dawn. He also uses photos to record structural and color data for reference. Back in the studio, he sketches the main elements of the composition directly onto the blank canvas. The painting itself is entirely brushwork, often using multiple layers of paint. Inspirational artists include Andrew Wyeth, Winslow Homer and Hudson River School painter William Trost Richards, as well as the Dutch landscape and seascape painters who inspired them.

William D. Hobbs lives and maintains a studio in Pennsylvania. His work is included in a wide range of private and corporate collections throughout the United States, as well as in France and Germany, including the collections of Sanofi Pasteur, Portland Steel, the Weiler Corporation and Vigon International. His paintings have won many awards and he continues to exhibit in a growing number of galleries and art shows. His hope is that the viewer will discover in his paintings the bright optimism of a world full of life and motion that inspire him.