Marina Dieul was born in the Brittany region of France by the sea. She showed a precocious talent for painting and drawing at a very young age and her family encouraged her artistry. She passed the baccalaureate at Lettre-Arts, followed by studies at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lorient.

As a child Dieul loved animals, most particularly her cats and her rabbit, and this great love has continued all her life. She completed her first impressive trompe-l'oeil painting of a rabbit when she was only 14.

In early 2000, Dieul moved to Canada with her husband, a decision the two made spontaneously with the desire to change up the life and have an unexpected adventure. She has since maintained a studio in Montreal, where she lives with her family.

Marina Dieul is best known for her lush paintings of small animals and figures in trompe-l'oeil style, full of humor and poetry. It is this marriage of extraordinary technical accomplishment and keen sensitivity and empathy to her subjects that makes Dieul's work so mesmerizing to her many admirers and collectors. In her studio she is surrounded by the many cats she fosters for a no-kill shelter in Montreal, as well as other surprising and sweet relationships with animals including, most recently a squirrel.

Marina Dieul's work has received numerous award and honors, including The Kingston Prize and from The Portrait Sociey of Canada, the Artist Magazine and International Magazine. She won The William Bouguereau Best of Show Award and first place in the drawing category at the Art Renewal Center Salon. In addition, she was awarded Best of Show in the 'Inspiring Figures' exhibit at Butler Institute of American Art and two awards of exceptional merit at The Portrait Society of America's international competitions. She has been selected as a Living Master by The Art Renewal Center. Dieul is a member of The Portrait Society of America, The Cecelia Beaux Forum, The International Guild of Realism and Mondial Art Academia. Marina Dieul's work has been exhibited in many locations in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Her paintings are enormously admired and collected throughout the world.