Stephen Cerceillo graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a degree in graphic design in 1980.  He worked as an art director for an advertising agency for 6 years and then began painting in 1986.  At that time he was working as a a freelance designer and actually painting only as a hobby. Enjoying the painting more and more, he began doing solely interior faux painting and fine art.

Cerceillo has been developing his unique style for the past 20 years. Based upon his training as a graphic designer, his approach to painting has evolved into a lively and fun  stylized realism with attention to detail.  The challenge of reflections, transparency, high contrast shadows, and shiny objects are intriguing to paint, and the dexterity with which Cerceillo masters these are breathtaking.  He work from photographs, most which he takes himself and then crops and edits to suit his concept and composition. Piles of spoons, chocolates,  tomatoes,  glass of all varieties and colors… the repetition of objects, color variance and reflective qualities…. All of these are a fascination inspiration and the catalyst for his uniquely imaginative wit and humor.

Most  recently Cerceillo has been painting singular objects, concentrating on their reflections in surfaces and their shine on and within the objects themselves.   His subjects are as delicious as they are sparkling as they are funny…from pastries to Christmas balls to rubber duckies and bubbles, viewed close up or all piled up, a kind of modern,  scintillating chic with extraordinary technique.

A resident of Boston, Stephen Cerceillo has been an active participant in Boston’s South End Open Studios for the past 12 years.  He has produced and donated two paintings, one of highly reflective Christmas ornaments and the other of Nutcrackers, for Christmas cards for the Pine Street Inn, a homeless shelter in Boston.  His work is represented in countless private collections.