Michael John dePierro creates highly unusual sculpture, drawings and paintings with an extremely creative and colorful perspective. dePierro began his artistic career as an architect. In his wood sculpture, looking for an inventive way to translate a drawing or two dimensional design into a three dimensional relief, he turned to his model making days in architecture. When contouring land in achitectural models, the traditional technique is to layer thin sheets of cardboard or wood. His vibrant and animated dog sculptures he says "are contour models constructed of multiple wood layers". Contemplating the essence of three dimensional objects as experienced by the visual sense, he turned to Albert Einstein and the art of animation. If time is slowed down, the three dimensional world is revealed one frame at a time from one point of view at a time. His layering technique reveals the image of the dog from one point of view, one two dimensional frame in a three dimensional form. Seen from the side, the sculpture is a contour model, fascinating in a more abstract sense. Seen from a distance, the edges of the sculpted layers optically blend and a realistic representation of the dog comes together much as it would in an impressionist painting. The artist says "Why dogs? Dogs have the most amazing faces and the character of each dog makes the sculpture unique and personal".

Michael John dePierro received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from NYIT, Old Westbury, NY. He continued his art studies at SUNY, Purchase, NY, Mass College of Art, Boston and The Art Institute of Boston. He has successfully completed numerous commissions both private and public. His permanent installations and large relief panels may be seen in public libraries throughout Massachusetts, and in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania; and include a large memorial sculpture commission in memory of Charlotte Bloomberg.

dePierro blends imagination and creativity with bold color and a well-honed practical construction skill and ability to clearly envision three dimensions from a two dimensional source. He says "...all we create becomes a part of a larger world. It is my goal as a small part of this world to share my gift".

Michael John dePierro lives in the Boston area with his family where he also maintains a studio. His work is widely collected.

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